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Nomination Committee AGM 2022

In accordance with a decision by the Annual General Meeting, the Nomination Committee in Hoist Finance shall consist of four members. The members should be one representative of each of the three largest shareholders, together with the chairman of the board in Hoist Finance.

The members of the Nomination Committee have been appointed based on the ownership structure as per 31 August 2021, and are:

  • Per Arwidsson, chairman, appointed by Arwidsro;
  • Erik Selin, appointed by Erik Selin Fastigheter AB;
  • Joachim Spetz, appointed by Swedbank Robur Funds; and
  • Mattias Carlsson, chairman of the board in Hoist Finance

The three shareholder representatives jointly represent approximately 38.2 percent of the shareholder votes in Hoist Finance.

The Nomination Committee’s duties in preparation for the Annual General Meeting 2022 consist of preparing the election of chairman and other directors of the board, election of auditor, election of chairman of the annual general meeting, matters regarding fees and questions in connection thereto.

Shareholders who wish to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee may contact the Nomination Committee by e-mail at or by post to Hoist Finance, Nomination Committee, Box 7848, 103 99 Stockholm, by 31 January 2022 at the latest.